Residents urged to treasure Townsville, not trash it

Date published: 6 December 2023

The power to stop damage to Townsville’s natural environment is in your hands.

Townsville City Council is urging residents and visitors to the region to say no to littering to benefit the city’s natural environment.

Littering is unpleasant to see, unsafe and unhealthy for our native wildlife and our waterways, is illegal and costs a lot to clean up.

Townsville Water and Resource Recovery Committee chairperson Russ Cook said there was no excuse for littering.

“No matter whether you’re throwing a soft drink can out the car window or dumping a mattress in the bush, you’re doing the wrong thing. Littering is illegal and it’s not acceptable here,” Cr Cook said.

“Littering can harm our natural environment by damaging our waterways, creating a risk for fires, blocking drains, and ending up ingested by animals in our bushland, creeks, rivers and ocean.

“We’re so lucky to live at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and we shouldn’t take that for granted. It’s our social responsibility to be guardians of our planet and do the right thing for all creatures great and small.

“I’m strongly urging each and every person in Townsville to treasure our town, don’t trash it. If you have rubbish, find a public bin to put it into or take it home with you.

“Be responsible, do the right thing and put your litter in the bin to help keep Townsville a safe, clean and enjoyable city for all.”

For more information visit Council's Illegal Dumping page.