TLDMG encourages residents to finalise emergency weather plans

Date published: 6 December 2023

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group (TLDMG) is continuing to monitor the recently formed Tropical Cyclone Jasper.

The severe weather system is situated in the coral sea and is expected to move closer to land over the next few days.

TLDMG chair Jenny Hill said like all cyclones, TC Jasper would be unpredictable, and has encouraged residents to finalise their emergency weather plans.

“We are continuing to talk with the Bureau of Meteorology and other stakeholders about TC Jasper and we will keep the community informed on its movements and if it is likely to impact our region,” Cr Hill said.

“Agencies like the Bureau have prioritised resources and assured us the radar will be fully operational during periods of high-risk weather.

“While there is no imminent danger, the TLDMG is encouraging residents to make sure they’re ready and they have plans in place.

“Become familiar with Townsville City Council’s Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard as it provides essential information to get ready for emergency situations including clear instructions and information on how to prepare your emergency plan and emergency kit as well as how to get your home or business ready for extreme weather.”

TLDMG deputy chairperson Kurt Rehbein said every household and business needs an emergency plan.

“Having a solid emergency plan that everyone in your home and business is familiar with will ensure you are well prepared for the unexpected” Cr Rehbein said.

“There is a household emergency plan template on Council’s website that will help you and your family understand what to do in the case of an emergency.

“You should also have your emergency kit ready to go. Your kit needs enough supplies for all your family members, including pets, to survive for three days.

“Store your emergency kit in a convenient place known to all family members, keep items in airtight and waterproof containers, update your kit regularly, check expiration dates and replace old items, and check and replace batteries regularly.

“Have emergency supplies like masking tape and water containers on hand, check your insurance policy to make sure it’s current, and take photos of your home and business contents for evidence.

“Spend some time getting to know your risks and getting to know your neighbour.

“Good preparations mean you’re prepared in case the worst should happen.

“Council’s website has easy to follow information and advice for you to get ready.”

For more information about preparing for emergency events, head to Emergency Management and Disaster Dashboard.

Tips for preparing your home or business:

  • Secure and tighten fixings and tie-down bolts on your roof.
  • Clean gutters and downpipes.
  • Trim trees and overhanging branches.
  • Remove and store loose furniture or items that could become airborne missiles.
  • Find out how to turn off mains power for gas, water and electricity.
  • Purchase emergency supplies such as masking tape, tarps, sandbags and water containers.
  • Check your insurance policy to make sure it is current and know what events you are covered for.
  • Take photos of home and business contents and belongings for evidence in case damaged during the event.
TLDMG Chair Jenny Hill, QPS A/Superintendent Dean Cavanagh and The Bureau of Meteorology’s Luke Shelley
Caption: TLDMG Chair Jenny Hill, QPS A/Superintendent Dean Cavanagh and The Bureau of Meteorology’s Luke Shelley