Council throws support behind local events

Date published: 22 February 2023

Council’s Community and Development Committee has approved over $70,000 of grant support and fee waivers this week to help support local events.

At today’s ordinary Council meeting Barrier Reef Orchestra, North Queensland Touch Football Association and The Jaguar Car Club of North Queensland all received grants to help put on events this year.

Barrier Reef Orchestra were approved for a $49,769.88 grant to assists them in putting on four concerts throughout 2023.

Two of these are scheduled for the Civic Theatre, one at Sir George Kneipp Auditorium JCU and the fourth is a “Concert in the Park” in collaboration with the Australian Festival of Chamber Music.

Council’s Community and Development Committee chair Cr Ann-Maree Greaney said Barrier Reef orchestra had clearly explained how the four concerts would provide a range of music to appeal to a wide audience.

“The application also included different opportunities for musicians to learn new skills and develop existing skills, all of which will boost Townsville's art and cultural experience,” Cr Greaney said.

North Queensland Touch Football Association were awarded a $16,102.50 grant and $291.90 waiver fee to help them run their 2023 Junior State Cup North at Queens Park.

The Junior State Cup North runs from 14-16 April, with the three-day carnival providing an opportunity for junior players from across Queensland to participate and compete against like teams in an inclusive, fun and safe environment.

“The applicant has demonstrated a clear benefit to the community through increased health and wellbeing outcomes; being more active, making better lifestyle choices and increased social connection for all participants,” Cr Greaney said.

“The outcomes are clear, and the event has proven to be a good pathway to other events.”

Finally, the Jaguar Car Club of North Queensland were awarded a $6,146.45 grant and $98.18 waiver fee to host Townsville All British Day on 4 June.

This local event includes a display of British vehicles and machinery, current and past, highlighting aspects of British culture, heritage, and military history.

“The Jaguar Car Club of North Queensland has demonstrated community support for the event, and they have also provided evidence of engagement that has already taken place with multiple stakeholders and continued partnerships from the community,” Cr Greaney said.

Council recognises the vital contribution that community organisations make to the social, economic, and cultural wellbeing of Townsville.

Council provides grants to support the creation, implementation and delivery of initiatives that align with Council’s corporate priorities and demonstrate a positive contribution to improving the wellbeing of the Townsville community.

Visit our Grants and Partnerships page for more information.