Council issues statement on the Hilton project

Date published: 8 July 2024

Townsville City Council has been a long-time supporter of the Hilton project, dating back to 2017, where Council has worked alongside the developer to adopt a number of significant changes including the design and rebranding of the project from a DoubleTree to a Garden Inn.

Over this time Council has continued to support HHNQ, agreeing to numerous extensions for the continuation of the project.

The arrangements have been reset and extended various times since Covid to account for the impacts of the global pandemic, supply chain issues and other reasons offered by developer HHNQ. The developer has had several years post-Covid to progress the project.

Key milestones, which were agreed to by both parties, were not achieved by the developer. The end of the project was not due to the Council's performance or actions. This was a consequence agreed to and understood by the developer.

HHNQ was advised ahead of time that no further extensions would be permitted.

Council is not obligated to vary its contracts because a party requests it to, particularly if Council has made it clear that further extensions of time will not be permitted.

Council will now consider alternative opportunities for this site and consult with key stakeholders as part of its strategy for development of the North Queensland Stadium Precinct.