Community invited to information day on natural drainage project at Bushland Beach

Date published: 8 March 2024

Learn all about Townsville City Council’s innovative Bushland Beach Channel Naturalisation project work at tomorrow’s (Saturday 9 March) free community information session.

Council is inviting community members to come along to a behind the scenes look to learn about the environmental project straight from the experts in the field.

The information day will be an opportunity to learn about the transformation of the site and to share information about the benefits it will have for residents with enhanced ecology, water quality, wildlife and weed control in the area.

Work on the drain started in May last year as a demonstration project to deliver lower maintenance and overall cost reductions.

The design for the project was jointly funded between Council and the Queensland Government as part of the Cleaner Wastewater Initiative project under the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program.

The project is part of Council’s commitment to developing liveability through open spaces which promote, protect and encourage the use of the region’s natural environment.

It is a first for Townsville, with a concrete and weed-choked stormwater drain being replaced with native vegetation, ponds and rocky creek bed.

Sustainability practitioner Jason Lange has been working with Council on the project and said it will deliver numerous benefits to the community.

“While the main aim of the drain is to improve the water quality that flows in the Great Barrier Reef and help deliver Council’s obligations to improve the Bohle River, " Mr Lange said.

“It will also deliver improved biodiversity and shade out unwanted weeds, provide a habitat for mosquito predators, improve living soil quality and reduce maintenance costs.

“The project is also a great example of circular economy principles, as drain material collected by Council has been converted into a living mulch used for the project.

“It may take some time for the native plants to properly establish, and we thank the community for their patience while that is happening.”

The Bushland Beach Drain Naturalisation community day is on Saturday 9 March from 10am to 2pm at the North Thuringowa Rugby League Club near Peggy Banfield Park, Bushland Beach.