Women in sport inspire this International Women’s Day

Date published: 7 March 2024

Former Australian Diamonds player Sharon Finnan-White has spent her whole life inspiring women.

The Medal of the Order of Australia recipient has represented her country on the international stage to help Australia win the INF Netball World Cup twice, she was one of the first First Nations people to represent Australia in netball and is behind an initiative to get more First Nations girls and young women into top level sport.

Ms Finnan-White is one of the guest speakers at Townsville City Council’s Get Active Chats this Friday, talking all things women in sport.

She will be joined at the breakfast by NRL Touch Football board member Anita Hagarty and Townsville Fire player Jess McDowell-White as part of the International Women’s Day event.

Ms Finnan-White said she was hoping to be able to use her stories and achievements to inspire women at the breakfast.

“By celebrating successes and contributions of women, attendees can be motivated to support gender equality initiatives, advocate for inclusivity in communities and take action to create a more equitable society,” she said.

“I hope this event will help to foster connections and collaborations that empower women to pursue their goals with confidence and determination.

“In 2024, being a woman in sport marks a significant progress towards gender equality and representation. However, there’s still challenges around pay equity, media coverage and discrimination, highlighting the need for continued advocacy and activism in the sporting world.”

Ms Hagarty formerly held the role of NRL Touch Football chairperson and said the future for women in sport was “bright, but still challenging”.

“The opportunities for women are absolutely mounting and having a career as a sports person is now achievable. But equity, acceptance and recognition still have a journey to travel,” Ms Hagarty said.

“You have to just keep pushing and pursuing your dreams.”

Townsville residents are embracing the opportunity to learn more about playing professional sport and being involved in sports administration after selling out the Get Active Chats – Women in Sport Breakfast event, being held on International Women’s Day this Friday.

Council is celebrating International Women’s Day with Get Active Chats at Townsville Stadium.
Caption: Council is celebrating International Women’s Day with Get Active Chats at Townsville Stadium.