Marabou Park ignites community spirit

Date published: 22 May 2024

A more visible location, upgraded security features and a disk golf course are among the additions of a major park upgrade in Annandale after the public space fell victim to vandals twice in recent years.

Divisional Councillor, Suzy Batkovic said she was elated to see Marabou Park back in action thanks to funding from both Council’s 2023/24 budget, as well as insurance contributions after Marabou Park was burnt to the ground last year.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking to see the destruction of our much loved Marabou Park, but the new additions are extremely welcomed,” Cr Batkovic said.

“The Annandale community is very passionate and I have no doubt this new public amenity will be extremely loved with the brand new additions including a new playground, soft-fall flooring, shade sails, barbecue facilities and a drinking fountain to name a few.”

Mayor Troy Thompson said Council had worked closely with the community when it came to the design of the new playground.

“The divisional councillor and Council’s engagement team actively listened to the community to make sure that Annandale residents and visitors alike wouldn’t go without when it came to this public amenity,” Cr Thompson said.

“As a community, people want to see Council engaging with residents when it comes to making these kinds of decisions to make sure ratepayers’ money is spent on things that are valued by the community.”

Councillor Batkovic said the project totalled $760,000 and included a focus on public safety with new lighting and CCTV cameras.

“We have moved the location of the park to a more visible spot along Yolanda Dr and installed lighting and CCTV cameras to curb antisocial behaviour,” she said.

“After the previous vandalism, Council consulted with the community in an effort to renew the open space while enhancing community facilities within Marabou Park.

“The public consultation resulted in 142 submissions which helped to guide the design of the playground renewal, including a call for the addition of the new nine-hole disc golf course, each featuring a tee slab, tee sign, and basket.

“I’m proud of the work that’s been done with our community to make sure the much-loved Marabou Park is back better than ever.

“I’ve already received so much positive feedback since the fences came down and it’s terrific to see so many people out enjoying the new facilities.”

Councillor Batkovic said she would be holding a community day in the near future to officially reopen Marabou Park.

Cr Suzy Batkovic at the new Marabou Park Disc Golf Course
Caption: Cr Suzy Batkovic at the new Marabou Park Disc Golf Course.