City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy

Townsville is the primary services and commercial hub for North Queensland, contributing more than $13 billion annually to the region's economy.

The City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy has been created in order to generate investment and create employment opportunities for the city. Council is committing incentives to provide opportunities for businesses, community groups, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop new projects and ideas that encourage visitation and ignite the City.

What incentives are on offer?

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Details of Incentive

Benefit available per project

1:  New and Repurposed Development

Waiver of Council charges for eligible projects that promote high-value development in the City Core and City Fringe areas, as well as in the designated Medium density residential zones under the Townsville City Plan, throughout the Townsville LGA.

Fee waivers of eligible

Council charges up to $500,000* per project.

*Subject to available budget

2:  Attracting Jobs to the City

Rental subsidies for eligible businesses opening in the City area where creating significant new jobs and filling vacant space.

Grants funding to cover 50% of the rental costs incurred for the first six months of tenancy, up to a maximum value of $50,000* per project.

*Subject to available budget

3:  Modernising Buildings and Activating Spaces

Grants to support a wide variety of projects and events which improve the attractiveness, vibrancy or safety of the city centre, including performances, building repairs or artistic installations.

Grant funding of 50% of eligible costs up to $30,000* per project/event.

Applications have now closed.

*Subject to available budget

4:  Special or significant Economic or Social Benefit

Component 4 provides Council scope to offer discretionary incentives to major developments in the Townsville LGA where a significant economic or social benefit to Townsville can be demonstrated.

Under this category, any development that can demonstrate the attached criteria, can be eligible for up to 100% of Council levied infrastructure charges and associated fees.

*Subject to available budget

If a development qualifies for support under this policy and any other development incentive package offered by Council, the development is to receive only the incentive that is available under the policy or pack that provides the highest level of support for the development. That is, in no circumstances will support be provided to a development underneath this policy and another development incentive package.

For further information, please contact Council on 13 48 10 or email: referencing the City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy.

All enquires will be allocated a Project Advocate as the central point of contact to provide advice about all Council requirements.