Frequently Asked Questions

Queensland County Bank Stadium - Regulated Parking

View the most commonly asked questions about Parking and Traffic Changes at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

  • Why is Council introducing Resident Parking Permits?
    • Council wants to help minimise the impact the stadium will have on residents and businesses in the nearby area. The new parking restrictions are being put in place to discourage non-residents from parking in the area during stadium events, as well as to:

      * give residents priority access to on-street parking

      * protect the amenity of the affected properties close to the stadium by ensuring these local areas are impacted as little as possible

      * encourage patrons of the stadium to use the designated Park & Walk, Park & Ride, or public transport options.

  • What are the restricted parking times?
    • The parking restrictions will only apply from one hour before until one hour after events and games. For NRL games, the restrictions will apply from one hour before the main game begins.
  • How much does a permit cost?
    • Permits are free.
  • How do I know if I'm eligible?
    • If you have a vehicle and live full time in the restricted parking area, you are eligible to apply for one free permit for your vehicle. At present only one permit will be issued per household, however Council will review this once we get experience of the effect of events at the stadium. If you think you may be in the restricted parking area, but you have not received a letter, please visit Council’s website to access the parking restriction area map. If you are still unsure, call Council on 13 48 10.
  • How do I do I get my permit?
    • You will be able to apply for a permit online, over the phone by calling 13 48 10, by email, or by visiting our customer service counter or any CityLibraries branch. Your permit will be linked to your registration number. You will not need to display a physical permit on your vehicle.
  • Why is only one permit being made available per household?
    • To ensure there is enough on-street parking during an event at the stadium, Council must limit the number of Resident Parking Permits issued to one permit for each house or unit in the restricted parking area. Council has committed to review the number of permits issued once we get experience of the effect of events at the stadium.
  • What if I have special circumstances that mean I need more than one permit?
    • Council will issue Special Permits when there is a clear need for additional vehicles to be parked on-street – for example, if you have a carer who assists you. Special Permit applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Having more than one vehicle in a household will not be a basis for obtaining a Special Permit.

  • Can I park on the nature strip or driveway outside my property boundary?
    • Queensland Law prohibits parking on nature strips and the part of a driveway that is outside your property boundary.
  • What if I have visitors during parking restrictions?
    • Visitors can park inside your property boundary or outside of the restricted parking area. There is no restriction upon visitors stopping briefly to drop off and collect others.
  • What about trailers, boats and caravans?
    • Any vehicle with a registration number, including trailers, boats and caravans, will require a permit if they are parked on-street during games and events.
  • I have a carer who comes and looks after me. Can I apply for a permit for them?
    • Yes. Council understands that some residents have essential visitors and will make Special Permits available for them. Applications for Special Permits will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • How long does my resident parking permit last?
    • Your resident permit is valid for 12 months from the date it was granted to you.
  • How long does my special permit last?
    • Special parking permits will be valid for a period dependent on the situation assessed by Council.
  • I do not have the internet, how do I apply for a permit?
    • At any customer service centre, over the telephone by calling 13 48 10, or at any CityLibraries branch. Council has a dedicated support team who can assist you with your permit application
  • What if I can't find a park near my house?
    • You can park a vehicle with a permit anywhere within the restricted parking area without receiving a fine - you are not restricted to parking in front of your property.

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