Seniors Awards

Each and every day throughout Townsville there are countless senior residents who volunteer their time, contributing to the wellbeing of the Townsville community. Across our community, these volunteers connect people and provide services to others. The knowledge, skill, commitment and energy displayed by Townsville's senior residents is overwhelming.

These volunteers give their time, energy and skills without seeking public recognition or accolades for their contribution. The Townsville City Council Senior Awards have been designed to provide public thanks to those quiet achieving seniors who give so much to our city.

2021 Senior of the Year Awards

Award presentations were held during the Townsville City Council Seniors Luncheon at Townsville Stadium, on Thursday 21 October 2021.

Female Senior of the Year

Ms Pamela Redfern

Volunteering with the RSPCA, Pamela regularly looks after ill dogs and cats and will often do round the clock feeds for injured and orphaned baby animals. In fact, Pamela has fostered over 400 animals back to health!

Pamela also volunteers driving the animal ambulance. This is an on call position and Pamela is often required to rush out at all hours of the day and night, to rescue animals in need. In this role, Pamela also transports animals halfway to Mackay and Cairns often stopping several times to feed any baby animals in tow. Somehow in amongst all these tasks Pamela also finds the time to do laundry for the RSPCA and sews cage covers and pouches for orphaned joeys.

Male Senior of the Year

Mr Richard Hosking

From its early years at Mount Louisa, Richard has been an integral part of Stable on the Strand. Over the years he has been Chairman and vice chairman of the management team, leader of the marketing team and right hand 'man' to the event organiser, just to name a few.

When Richard is not working tirelessly on Stable on the Strand he regularly preaches, leads worship and is part of the pastoral care team praying for the sick, taking communion to those confined to their home or hospital and phoning those in need.


  • Mrs Coral Hamilton
  • Mrs Carole Lonergan
  • Ms Val O’Brien
  • Ms Loloma Tonnochy
  • Ms Maureen Parry
  • Mr Errol Neale
  • Mr Raymond Hall
  • Mr Tim Downs
  • Mr Kevin Harney