Seniors Awards

Each and every day throughout Townsville there are countless senior residents who volunteer their time, contributing to the wellbeing of the Townsville community. Across our community, these volunteers connect people and provide services to others. The knowledge, skill, commitment and energy displayed by Townsville's senior residents is overwhelming.

These volunteers give their time, energy and skills without seeking public recognition or accolades for their contribution. The Townsville City Council Senior Awards have been designed to provide public thanks to those quiet achieving seniors who give so much to our city.

Nominations for 2018 are now open

How to nominate a volunteer

The Townsville City Council Seniors Awards are open to people aged over 60 who have voluntarily given their time for the good of the Townsville community. The volunteer activities must have occurred within the city of Townsville.

Nominate now

Nominations must be received by 5pm Monday 30 July, 2018.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The nominee must be 60 years of age or over as at 1 July 2018.
  2. The nominee must be a permanent resident of Townsville.
  3. The nominee's activity must have been on a voluntary basis (unpaid) within the city of Townsville.
  4. You cannot nominate yourself.

Important notes

  • The nominee must be aware of this nomination and be willing to accept an award.
  • The nominator must be willing to act as a referee for the nominee.
  • You may nominate a family member. However, if nominator is a family member,  a referee must be provided.
  • The information contained in this nomination must be completed in full and be true and correct to be accepted.
  • A separate nomination form must be submitted for each nominee.
  • Current members of the selection committee will not be considered for a Townsville City Council Seniors Award.
  • The selection committee’s decision on the 2018 Townsville City Council Seniors Awards winner is final.

Award presentations will be held during the Townsville City Council Seniors Week Luncheon at Townsville Stadium, on Thursday 23 August 2018, 10.30am - 1.30pm.

2017 Seniors Awards Winners and Nominees