Seniors Awards

Each and every day throughout Townsville there are countless senior residents who volunteer their time, contributing to the wellbeing of the Townsville community. Across our community, these volunteers connect people and provide services to others. The knowledge, skill, commitment and energy displayed by Townsville's senior residents is overwhelming.

These volunteers give their time, energy and skills without seeking public recognition or accolades for their contribution. The Townsville City Council Senior Awards have been designed to provide public thanks to those quiet achieving seniors who give so much to our city.

Female Senior of the Year

Mrs Robyn Moore

Mrs Moore has worked voluntarily across multiple organisations including CORES, Townsville Suicide Prevention Network, TRCOTA, Community Information Centre, Seniors Creating Change, the Lifelong Learning Program and the Flood Response Team.

Until recently Robyn has also volunteered with Meals On Wheels, the RSL Retirement Village and Lifeline’s telephone counselling service.

Robyn’s work in suicide prevention has been credited with training over 1,000 Townsville locals and saving countless lives. Robyn also works within the community providing information on a wide range of matters related to ageing and aged care.

There are some remarkable challenges in the particular fields Robyn has chosen to work in and the impact of her work has been substantial across the whole of the Townsville community.

Her commitment and dedication to many organisations and agencies has been credited with both improving and saving countless lives in the Townsville community and beyond.Her commitment and dedication to many  organisations and agencies has been credited with both improving and saving countless lives in the Townsville community and beyond.

Male Senior of the Year

Mr Alfred Smallwood

Mr Smallwood (or Uncle Alfred as he is known to most) has been working tirelessly in the Townsville community in a very difficult and challenging area. And again his impact on the Townsville community has been substantial.

Alfred and Uncle Alfred’s Men’s group helps men in our community who are dealing with bad life choices and moving on from traumatic events. The Group provides a safe and friendly environment giving men the opportunity of a second chance with their families, employment and with themselves.

There is an of average 30 men that attend Alfred’s Tuesday evening sessions and about another 30-40 men drop in through the week.  Uncles Alfred’s Men’s Groups has had 98 percent success rate of men not returning to Jail.

Uncle Alfred has been persistent and consistent with his drive; building bridges and showing a true passion for his fellow man.

Special Commendation Award

Mrs Evol Keane for her scope of work across a number of organisations dedicating assisting the elder members of the northern beaches’ community.

Mrs Joyce Mallet for her long service to the West End PCYC; dedicating over 3 decades to this valuable community service.

Charles Raymond (Bushy) Joyner for his continued commitment to honouring the memory of the spirit of the Light Horse for over 2 decades.

Mr John Weir for his long voluntary service maintaining our city’s heritage listed West End Cemetery.