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Recognition of Australia's First People website

A website has been created to provide factual details about the upcoming referendum on constitutional recognition of Australia's First People.

Reconciliation Action Plan

As a commitment to reconciliation with Australia's traditional owners, the development of the Townsville City Council Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has enabled Indigenous issues to be addressed and encouraged the development of positive relationships between local government and Indigenous communities.

Under the Council of Australian Governments "Closing the Gap" Agreement, many Australian councils worked towards the achievement of this goal through their commitment and support for the promotion of reconciliation, participation in important Indigenous events and the development of Indigenous policies and Statement of Commitment.

The RAP provides a framework for the future, detailing steps and priorities to achieve Indigenous equality. There are three main pillars within the RAP process:

  1. Relationships
  2. Respect
  3. Opportunities

Council's Reconciliation Action Plan provides council with a documented framework to ensure that issues and priorities which have been identified by the Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Islander community are addressed in a coordinated manner. The plan outlines a number of priority areas, goals, actions and initiatives.

Download a copy of the Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-17 (PDF 7.7MB)

Reconciliation Australia RAPS in action

Reconciliation Australia created four videos showcasing how RAPs are coming to life. They chose four initiatives that illustrate great examples of Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

Townsville City Council worked closely with local Elders and local Aboriginal artists to create a reflection area in the local cemetery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is a great example of how meaningful relationships with the local community can produce outcomes that the Townsville community can benefit from.

Request for foliage from our parks and botanic gardens

Townsville City Council recognises that our community at times may want to request the use of plants and other natural materials from Townsville’s local parks and botanic spaces for cultural, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes. To assist in supporting the local community, the Parks and Open Space team welcomes requests for foliage or items from plants from within Council Parks and Open Space that have a link to cultural, religious, educational and/or scientific purposes.

Complete your application for foliage request here.


Yarnin' Circle

Indigenous elders group which works towards preventing social isolation of senior citizens in an informal atmosphere.

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