Rates & Utilities

Residential property owners receive rate notices twice a year, usually in February and August. The rates notice includes both general rates and utilities charges (water, sewerage and rubbish collection).

The notice issued in February covers half yearly rates and charges for January 1 to June 30 and the notice issued in August covers half yearly rates and charges for July 1 to December 31.

A 10% discount applies to the general rate component of the rate notice if paid by the due date.


Water Opt-in

Did you know that you can choose how you're billed for your water? During the Water Opt-in period, 31 July - 27 August 2017, you can decide which water plan works best for your household.

Change your water billing plan online

Download our simple water meter monitoring kit below:

Water Billing Options

There are two water billing options to choose from: the Standard plan and the Water Watchers Plan.

See below for everything you need to know about rates and charges, including change of postal address.

Trade Waste Charges

Trade waste customers are levied trade waste charges in the twice-yearly rates notice.

For more information, see the Trade Waste Charges Factsheet. (PDF, 100.7 KB)


Townsville City Council Pensioner Concession

You may be eligible for the Townsville City Council Pensioner Concession if:

  • You are an approved/eligible pensioner;
  • The property is your principal place of residence; and
  • All rates and charges paid in full by the end of May in the current financial year

Download the Pensioner Rates Concession Policy (PDF, 156.1 KB)

Download the Pensioner Concession Application Form (PDF, 145.9 KB)

Other Concessions

In accordance with the Local Government Regulation 2012, Concessions may apply for general rates, water and sewerage charges to certain organisations as set out in the council’s Charitable and Community Organisation General Rates and Utility Charges Policy and Concessions Schedule. Details of application requirements can be obtained by phoning the Customer Service Centre on 1300 878 001.

Customer Service Standard

Townsville Water and Townsville Waste Services are commercial business units of Townsville City Council, responsible for providing water supply, wastewater, solid waste and recycling services to the Townsville area.

Find out more about Townsville City Council's Customer Service Standards.