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It's easy and convenient to receive your Rate & Utilities Notice direct to your email inbox.

Register below to opt-in to receive your Rate & Utilities Notice by email. It is easy and convenient to receive Notice direct to your email inbox. Simply register below to opt-in, you can then download, save, print, or just leave the Notice in your inbox to access and pay on the go.

We are proud to be delivering this initiative to make it easier for you! Take the inconvenience out of checking your letterbox and receive your Rate & Utilities Notice straight to your inbox. (No paper copy will be issued).

This initiative will allow you:

  • to easily access, print and reprint Rate & Utilities Notice wherever they are
  • conveniently store notices electronically
  • receive your Rate & Utilities Notice promptly delivery earlier notice – faster than standard mail
  • cost savings through reduced paper, printing, envelopes and postage
  • reduces our carbon footprint
  • ability to change the delivery method at any time (add additional emails, revert to post etc.)

NOTE: Registration received will take effect for the next Rate & Utilities Notice issue

Do you have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

How to Subscribe to eNotices

If you have paid Rates before

Have you received a Rate & Utilities Notice for this property since 2018 with a unique eNotice reference number?

If yes, register for eNotices on the button below.

Your unique reference number will be shown on your notice.  You will have your own individual reference number, as shown on the example to your right.

eNotice example 

eNotices Register button

Step 1:

Click on the "Sign Up" tab.

Step 2:

Enter in your email address and eNotices Reference Number (find this number next to the eNotices logo on your notice).

Step 3:

Check your email inbox and click the validation link.

Step 4:

Select a password and mobile number

That’s it! You will now receive notices in your email inbox, and can login to view them online at any time.

If you haven’t received your unique reference number

If you don’t have a reference number but prefer to receive your Rate & Utilities Notice via email, complete the below form to request your Rate & Utilities Notice delivered to your inbox

Privacy Statement

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