Water Restrictions

Level 3 Water Restrictions

Level 3 water restrictions are now in force within the Townsville area. This excludes Cungulla and Paluma Township service areas (see below for more information).

Level 3 - what it means for me

As a city, we should be using 100ML of water per day or less to meet our daily consumption target and make sure the small amount of water we have left in our dam lasts for as long as possible.

On the spot fines will be issued to those not complying with water restrictions.

Residential  >>    $378
Commercial >> $1,828

When you see water being wasted, call our water hotline on 1800 644 749. It's up to all of us to do the right thing.

Residential, rural and commercial lawns and gardens (including school grounds/gardens)

  • No sprinkler or irrigation systems
  • Handheld watering* only 6am-7am and 6pm-7pm (odd and evens system applies)
  • Buckets, watering cans and drip irrigation systems can be used at any time
  • Switch off all automatic watering systems
  • Use a broom to clean hard surfaces (not a hose)
  • Use a bucket or water efficient car wash to clean vehicles and boats

Even houses - Tuesday and Saturday
Odd houses - Wednesday and Sunday

*Handheld watering means that you are watering your garden with a hose that you are holding on to.

Important Note:

The use of weeper hoses has been restricted to Level 3 handheld watering times, people caught using them outside of these times will be fined.

Remember that weeper hoses are most effective when used on garden beds and covered by mulch, they are not recommended for use on exposed areas like lawn.


Water security is our number one issue in the new City Deal. We're working with the state and federal government to guarantee water security now and into the future. Read more about the Townsville City Deal.

Under Level 3 water restrictions we:

  • have reduced irrigation by 60%
  • do not irrigate between 9am and 4pm.

Other facilities including sporting clubs and schools

Many of Townsville's sporting clubs, schools, commercial nurseries and market gardens, which rely heavily on water for their day to day operations, are operating under an approved Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).

New turf exemptions

Council has approved exemptions for new turf (on new properties only) to continue into Level 3 restrictions.

Please note: Level 3 exemptions will cease to be available at a nominated time prior to the implementation of Level 4 restrictions (actual date to be determined by Ross Dam levels)

Service areas

Townsville’s water supply system is divided into three service areas on the basis of different water sources, being:

  • Townsville – serviced from Ross River Dam, Crystal Creek/Paluma Dam system and
    the Burdekin system.
  • Paluma Township – serviced by the Paluma system from a local creek.
  • Cungulla – serviced by the Giru Water Treatment Plant from the Haughton River.

Townsville's water - Love Every Drop

Read council's water policy to find out more or or email Townsville Water.

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