Water Restrictions

Level 2 water restrictions are now in force within the Townsville area. This excludes Cungulla and Paluma Township service areas (see below for more information).

Level 2 - what it means for me

As a city we need to reduce our water use to make our supply last longer. The more we reduce our consumption, the longer we can delay moving up to higher levels of restrictions. Whilst our dam is currently over 40%, we know how precious our water is, so it is important to implement a considered, wise and sustainable approach towards water use; and ensure we have water security until the $215 million pipeline is built at the end of 2019.

Residential, rural and commercial lawns and gardens
(including school grounds/gardens)

  • Sprinklers can be used between 6pm-8pm (odd and evens system)
    • Even houses: Tuesday and Saturday
    • Odd houses: Wednesday and Sunday
  • Handheld Watering permitted at any time on any day

Important Note:

The use of weeper hoses has been restricted to Level 2 allocated watering times, people caught using them outside of these times will be fined.

Remember that weeper hoses are most effective when used on garden beds and covered by mulch, they are not recommended for use on exposed areas like lawn.

Washing vehicles and boats

  • Permitted

Washing hard surfaces

  • Permitted with pressure washers

Sports fields (including school sports fields)

  • Sprinklers can be used between 6pm-8pm
  • Handheld watering permitted at any time

Commercial nurseries and market gardens

  • Watering permitted between 4pm-9am

Turf farms

  • Contact Council to arrange for an expert to develop a water efficiency plan for your business


  • Watering permitted


Water security is our number one issue in the new City Deal. We're working with the state and federal government to guarantee water security now and into the future. Read more about the Townsville City Deal.

Under Level 2 water restrictions we:

  • 24% reduction in irrigation
  • no watering between 9am and 4pm.

Read council's water policy to find out more or or email Townsville Water.

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