Meeting Schedule and Minutes

The Ordinary Meeting of the Council will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1pm and is open to the public.

The meetings will be held at the Council Chambers, Council Administration Building, 103 - 141 Walker Street, Townsville.

Please note that the public will be excluded from meetings during deliberation of confidential items in the "Closed" section of the agenda.

2018 Meeting Schedule

DateAgenda Addendum (if applicable)Minutes
23 January List of Agenda Items (PDF, 122.7 KB) List of Addendum Items (PDF, 115.2 KB) Minutes (PDF, 398.1 KB)
27 February    
Thursday 22 March (Rescheduled from 27 March)   
24 April    
22 May    
26 June    
24 July    
28 August    
25 September    
23 October    
27 November    
11 December (second Tuesday)    

For agenda and addendums from previous years please contact Community Engagement on 1300 878 001.

Archived Minutes 2012 - 2017