2017/18 Budget - Renewals funding for water and sewerage networks

Date published: 27 June 2017

The City Budget 2017/18 will continue to invest heavily in upgrading and renewing Townsville’s water and sewerage network.

The budget is also committing $500,000 for a new, compact Water Treatment Plant at Paluma to resolve water quality issues for the small community, and contractor approval will be granted in August to proceed.

Water and Waste Committee chair, Cr Paul Jacob, said providing water and sewerage to residents were essential services for a council to deliver.

“The budget includes funding for major new projects to support the city’s growth, but it’s important also to fund the on-going renewal and replacement of existing infrastructure to keep the city moving,” Cr Jacob said.

“I fought for the upgrades to the Paluma Water Treatment Plant and I am glad to see those works will be happening.”

The council will continue with its annual replacement and rehabilitation of the sewer and water pipes and mains with particular attention being given to the city’s older suburbs.

“The pipes and mains replacement program that we apply to the water and sewerage network is essential to ensuring we minimise any losses due to leaks while decreasing our maintenance costs.”

Water highlights:

  • $1.2M for rehabilitation of Dam infrastructure.
  • $1.0M for rehabilitation of water reservoirs.
  • $2.5M for rehabilitation of water services between mains and meters.
  • $4M for rehabilitation of small diameter mains.
  • $500,000 for new Paluma Water Treatment Plant.

Waste Water highlights:

  • $3M for construction and rehabilitation of sewers.
  • $2.0M for treatment plant renewals.
  • $1.4M for pump station upgrades and renewals.
  • $2.0M for construction of pump station  rising main.

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