Wrap up Christmas by recycling right this weekend

Date published: 19 December 2022

Put a bow on the end of Christmas Day by making sure you recycle your wrapping paper this year.

Wrapping paper falls into one of the six categories that is accepted in residential recycling bins across Townsville.

Townsville Water and Waste Committee chairperson Russ Cook said wrapping paper could easily be recycled at home.

“To help planet earth out this Christmas, make sure you’re putting your wrapping paper in the recycling bin – even if it has small amounts of tape, foil or glitter in it,” Cr Cook said.

“The same goes for cardboard boxes. The best way to put these in the bin is to break them down and make sure you’re not overfilling your bin.

“By doing this you can make sure you’re doing what’s best for the planet while still enjoying the Christmas holidays.”

Cr Cook said there were six items that could go into your residential recycling bin in Townsville.

“To avoid contamination in your recycling bin, stick to only placing paper, cardboard, hard plastic food and drink containers, glass jars and bottles, steel tins and aluminium cans in your bin,” he said.

“All items have to be the size of a credit card or larger to be recycled.”

Visit our Recycle Right web page for more information about recycling in Townsville.