Council invests in safe city

Date published: 21 June 2022

Townsville City Council is prioritising the safety and security of the community through investing $33.8 million in its 2022/23 Budget for key security initiatives.

Mayor Jenny Hill said Council was doing its part to protect its assets and ensure community spaces remained safe for locals and visitors to enjoy and called on other levels of government to match its commitment.

“In 2022/23, Council will invest $5.3 million in our network of almost 500 CCTV security and surveillance cameras across the city,” Cr Hill said.

“This investment will go towards the operational cost for the cameras as well as upgrades and renewals.

“These cameras are operated by Council, which has a memorandum of understanding with Queensland Police for the provision of footage.

“In the past 12 months, Council has received 598 requests for CCTV footage, making this an essential resource for police and an investment for the safety of our community.

“Council continues to invest in the security of the community. All levels of government and the community also have a role to play in keeping our community safe and secure.

“By working together, we can increase the security of our neighbourhoods and our city as a whole.”

Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee chairperson Maurie Soars said the 2022/23 Budget also included funding for lighting upgrades.

“During the next 12 months, we will invest $4.9 million in street and public facility lighting to enhance security throughout the city,” Cr Soars said.

A further $2 million has been allocated in the budget to continue Council’s innovative program to protect parks and sporting fields across the city.

“Council responded swiftly earlier this year following a series of events where cars were being driven on to fields, damaging the grounds and ripping up irrigation,” Cr Soars said.

“We have installed boulders at Heatley Park to reduce the risk of hooning on fields and are committed to continuing that work at other parks across the city.

“Locals and visitors using Townsville’s beaches, Riverway Lagoon and The Strand Waterpark will benefit from $2 million of funding for lifeguards across those popular locations.

“Council is also investing $15.2 million for youth services through libraries, galleries, and infrastructure such as skate parks, basketball courts and recreational areas to keep young people positively engaged with their community, providing a holistic approach to community safety.”

For more information on the 2022/23 Budget and Operational Plan, visit Budget 2022/23.