Recycle right this Christmas

Date published: 26 December 2023

Give the environment the gift of recycling your wrapping paper this Christmas.

Wrapping paper is accepted in residential recycling bins across Townsville, even if it has small amounts of foil in it.

Townsville Water and Resource Recovery Committee chairperson Russ Cook said recycling wrapping paper was a no-brainer.

“The best gift you could give the environment this Christmas is to recycle your wrapping paper properly,” Cr Cook said.

“Even if your wrapping paper has small amounts of tape, foil or glitter, it can still be recycled in your yellow-lid bin at home.

“When you’re recycling this Christmas make sure you’re breaking down any cardboard boxes and refraining from overfilling your bin. If you have excess cardboard you can either wait until your next recycling bin day, or take it down to Stuart Waste Facility or Hervey Range Transfer Station after Christmas Day to recycle for free.

“To avoid contamination in your recycling bin, stick to only placing paper, cardboard, hard plastic containers, glass jars and bottles, steel tins and aluminium cans in your bin,” he said.

“All items have to be the size of a credit card or larger to be recycled.”

For more information about recycling in Townsville, head to Council’s website.