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If you are a food vendor, exhibitor, stallholder or supplier who is interested in being involved in major council events this is the page for you! This page will be updated regularly to add events and opportunities for vendors and suppliers to apply to be involved.

Upcoming Events

Disaster Ready Day

Disaster Ready Day (formally Cyclone Sunday) is a FREE community event, proudly presented by the Townsville City Council, with the aim of educating Townsville residents about living in North Queensland during the storm season and the steps to take before, during and after a cyclone or other severe weather event.  Such events like the unprecedented rainfall we experienced in Jan/Feb of this year.

Disaster Ready Day provides an opportunity for local businesses and organisations with a key role in disaster management to showcase their products/services to the broader community with an emphasis on increasing resilience.  This is achieved by providing the community with information about natural disaster planning, preparation, response and recovery.

Jezzine Barracks
Sunday 3 November 2019
9am - 12noon

If you would like to be part of this event, click the link below.

Food Vendor Applications close Monday 2 September 2019

Exhibitor Applications close Sunday 22 September 2019

Please note: A registration does not automatically guarantee your acceptance into this event, organisations/business’ must provide proof of their key role in disaster management and their keenness to arm the community with information about disaster planning, preparation, response, recovery & resilience.

Forms and Fact Sheets

For more information or further enquiries on any of the above events, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 13 48 10.