Black Spot funded projects

Every year, Council nominates a number of projects that are eligible to receive Black Spot funding from the Australian Government.

Funding is mainly available for the treatment of Black Spot sites, or road lengths, with a proven history of crashes.

Black Spot projects target those road locations where crashes are occurring. By funding measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at dangerous locations, the program reduces the risk of crashes.

Projects of this sort are very effective, saving the community many times the cost of the relatively minor road improvements that are implemented.

Current Black Spot funded projects

Bayswater Road Intersection Upgrade Commenced
Bayswater Road Route and Pedestrian Lighting Commenced
Bayswater Road Widening Commenced
Bayswater Road Resurfacing (Mather St - Crestbrook Dr) Commenced
Sturt Street and Fletcher Street Intersection UpgradeCommenced
Bayswater Road and Mooney Street IntersectionCompleted