Riverway Library

Investment$8.5 million
Goal4. A sustainable destination that embraces and participates in the arts, sports and events and recreational activities.
Strategic PurposeTo co-locate a modern and innovative library facility with the Pinnacles Art Gallery and outside amenities including free public swimming pools.
StatusOpened 29 April 2023

Construction of a new state-of-the-art library at the Riverway Precinct is now complete. The CityLibraries Riverway project saw an overhaul of the Riverway Arts Centre, creating a future focused, mixed-use facility designed around the needs of the community that catalyses new industries, provides inclusive community facilities and a space for local businesses to operate and innovate.

This modern and innovative library facility sits alongside the recently re-opened Pinnacles Gallery and the Riverway Lagoons. The facility features a 'creative hub' supporting physical fabrication and digital production (audio, music and video podcasting), experimentation, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Along with the library, Council is also refurbishing the Ecoactive Centre near the children's playground.

This multi-million-dollar project was funded across two financial years and further establishes the Riverway precinct’s reputation as Townsville’s premier community space.