Community Engagement - How Can We Help You

Townsville City Council, on behalf of the Townsville Local Disaster Management Group, offers a range of activities to help engage with and educate our local community about different types of disaster events.

School program

An important part of helping families prepare for cyclones and other natural disasters is to teach children about such events.

The Townsville Local Disaster Management Group, which includes Council, the SES and other emergency organisations, offers disaster awareness presentations to local schools to help educate students on what practical steps they can take to prepare themselves and their families for possible disaster events.

We also offer to Year 5 and 6 an interactive educational program, where students can get involved in various disaster preparation activities under the knowledge and guidance of disaster management experts from Council and our local Emergency Services.

For more information, contact Council’s Customer Call Centre on 13 48 10 or

Community Service Providers Workshop - 19 April 2018 Other activities

In order to truly understand the impact of disaster events, we need to work with our local community. We want to know what your experiences are, what your needs are and where the gaps lie. To achieve this, we offer and/or participate in a variety of engagement activities, including:

  • Participating in community and corporate events by providing an information stall;
  • Designing and facilitating disaster planning workshops to target specific sectors in the community;
  • Delivering disaster awareness presentations to organisations and community groups;
  • Providing subject-matter expertise and advice to assist your organisation or community group with development of disaster plans; and,
  • Providing other assistance as requested.

For more information, contact Council’s Customer Call Centre on 13 48 10 or