Red Bench Project

Red Bench PlaqueThe Red Rose Foundation launched the Red Bench Project to build a permanent reminder that domestic violence occurs within all of our communities. The presence of a Red Bench in a public location aims to raise community awareness and provide an opportunity for this important issue to remain visible. It is the aim of the Red Rose Foundation to have at least one Red Bench in every local government area in Queensland. Townsville has gone a step further and installed a Red Bench in every division, including two in division three to include Magnetic Island, with the inaugural red bench located at Townsville City Council.

For further information on ways you can support the organisation, or to install a Red Bench at your own workplace, visit Red Rose Foundation - Red Bench website.

Red Bench Locations

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DivisionCouncillor Red Bench Location
Division 1 Cr Margie Ryder Oakdale Heights Park
132-128 Innes Dr, Deeragun QLD 4818
Division 2 Cr Sue Blom Bushland Beach Park
Mount Low Parkway, Bushland Beach QLD 4818
Division 3 Cr Ann-Maree Greaney Townsville City Council
103 Walker Street, Townsville QLD 4810
Central Park
Dean Street, Townsville City QLD 4810

Magnetic Island Lions Park
Sooning Street, Nelly Bay QLD 4819
Division 4 Cr Mark Molachino - Deputy Mayor of Townsville Charles Moroney Park
Garnet St, Kelso QLD 4815
Division 5 Cr Russ Cook Lakeside Park
Golf Links Drive, Kirwan QLD 4817
Division 6 Cr Suzy Batkovic Riverside Gardens Community Centre
Riverside Boulevard, Douglas QLD 4814
Division 7 Cr Kurt Rehbein Mountview Park
41 Bamford Lane, Kirwan QLD 4817
Division 8 Cr Maurie Soars Rossiter Park
Kimball St, Aitkenvale QLD 4814
Division 9 Cr Liam Mooney Corcoran Park
Marks St, Hermit Park QLD 4811
Division 10 Cr Fran O'Callaghan Wordsworth Park
Glenn Rd, Woodstock QLD 4816

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