Parks, Trails & Camping

Important Note

In line with the Queensland Government's easing of the COVID-19 restrictions, the following facilities have now been re-opened.

  • Council Campgrounds and day use areas are open including:
    • Saunders Beach campground and day use area,
    • Bluewater Park campgrounds and day use area,
    • Toomulla campgrounds and day use area,
    • Rollingstone Park campgrounds and day use area,
    • Paluma Dam campground and day use area,
    • Balgal Beach campgrounds and day use area.

    Check-in to fight COVID-19. Check-in on arrival to the campground by using your smart phone camera and scanning the QR code displayed at the entrance. On departure, check-out by scanning the QR code.

Throughout the Townsville region we have over 300 parks and open space areas, four botanics gardens, a great many walkways and bikeways throughout the city and surrounds and a variety of camping and caravan locations to suit everyone.

These provide a range of recreational and sporting opportunities for both residents and visitors. On average over 350 ceremonies are held in our parklands every year.