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Recent Exhibition

Groundswell: Recent Movements within Art and Territory

Johnathon World Peace Bush, Bush Family Tree, 2020, ochre on canvas, 150 x 120 cm. Image courtesy of The Macquarie Group Collection.Pinnacles Gallery
Exhibition dates: 29 January - 23 April 2022

Groundswell showcases the diversity, technical mastery and social importance of Northern Territory artists whilst foregrounding the wider role art plays in the process of mass social, political and cultural change. The stirring momentum of the exhibition’s title exudes from each of the works on display as the artists give voice to their concerns about water sustainability and its impact on our collective futures. Groundswell features over twenty works by Northern Territory artists including Jacky Green, Kelly Lee Hickey, June Mills, Aly de Groot, Patricia Phillipus Napurrula, Lee Harrop, Maicie Lalara, Mel Robson, Jennifer Taylor and Tarzan JungleQueen. The works in Groundswell extend through vast geographies, perspectives and artistic mediums to stake their claim, spanning moving image, visualised data, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture. These works find commonality in their shared determination to bridge the message of each individual artist to our collectively shared concerns as Northern Territory citizens. In this way, visual culture is harnessed to agitate for the paradigm shift we so desperately need if we are to preserve our most precious resource into an uncertain future.

Curated by Carmen Ansaldo, SPARK NT Curator.

Image: Johnathon World Peace Bush, Bush Family Tree, 2020, ochre on canvas, 150 x 120 cm. Image courtesy of The Macquarie Group Collection.

Activist Toolkit

Click the image below to download the Activist Toolkit, which has been created to highlight the key issues at stake. It provides simple, concrete tactics to equip you as an active participant moving within the same currents of change.

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Cultural Warning

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this exhibition may contain images, names and accounts of people who have passed away. We also wish to advise that some of the topics discussed may be distressing. Pinnacles Gallery is committed to helping our audiences understand the experiences, both past and ongoing, of Australian First Nations people as part of our commitment to truth and reconciliation.


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