Abandoned Vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is any unregistered motorised vehicle, trailer, caravan, horse float or similar, which is found on any road or in any park or on other land under the control of Council, and which appears to be abandoned or discarded.

To report an abandoned car, use the Report a problem form, or phone 13 48 10. For more information, refer to Council's abandoned vehicles information sheet, or contact Environmental Health and Regulatory Services Team.

  • What if the vehicle is registered?
    • If the vehicle has a current registration, we cannot take action unless the vehicle is parked in a position that is a hazard or danger to motorists.
  • What steps will be taken to remove the abandoned vehicle?
    • We will locate the vehicle and try to find out if the owner of the vehicle lives nearby. If we are able to talk to the owner, we will ask them to move the vehicle to within their property boundary.

      If the owner of the vehicle is not located, the Council Officer will affix to the vehicle a notice under the Transport Operations (Road Use and Management) Act 1995 and the relevant local law. This notice states that unless the owner removes the vehicle within the period of time stated on the “abandoned vehicles sticker” (usually seven days), Council will remove it to their approved holding yard.

      After the expiry date on the notice, Council will conduct another inspection to determine if the vehicle has been removed. If the vehicle remains on public property, Council will arrange to have the vehicle removed.

  • What action should I take if my vehicle is missing from the roadway?
    • Immediately telephone Queensland Police to report the vehicle as stolen and to find out if your vehicle has been found.

      If the vehicle has been removed by Council under the Transport Operations (Road Use and Management) Act 1995 and relevant Local Law, it can be reclaimed if proof of ownership or authority to act on the owner’s behalf is provided, and any outstanding fees are paid. Contact us to find out if the vehicle has been removed by Council.

  • What happens to unclaimed vehicles seized by council?
    • All apparently abandoned vehicles removed by Council are stored at a facility to await auction. The proceeds of the auction of unclaimed vehicles are used to cover costs incurred by the vehicle’s removal and storage.