Abandoned Vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is any unregistered motorised vehicle, car, truck, trailer, caravan, horse float or similar, which is found on any road or in any park or on other land under the control of Townsville City Council, and which appears to be abandoned or discarded.

Reporting an Abandoned Vehicle

You can report an abandoned vehicle using Snap Send Solve, under the Abandoned Vehicle category.

A vehicle may be abandoned if:

  • the vehicle has been in the same location for an unusual length of time.
  • the vehicle has a derelict appearance and appears inoperable (for example, if it has no tires).
  • the owner cannot be located.
  • the vehicle does not have current registration plates.

You will be asked for details of the vehicle’s location, along with a description of the vehicle such as the colour, registration number, make/model, condition, and how long the vehicle has been at its current location.

More Information

For more information read the Transport Operations (Road Use and Management) Act 1995.