Lawn Tamer

Want a lush, more desirable lawn...?

Bradley the Lawn Tamer will show you how to grow a stronger lawn while avoiding excessive water use
Having trouble taming your lawn? Bradley the Lawn Tamer is here to whip you into shape. Learn to grow your grass the right way and you'll save time, money and water.

The Lawn Tamer's Top Tips:

  • Water no more than twice a week in the dry and never when it's wet
  • Good soils are the key to a healthy lawn
  • Use your catcher in the wet and make the most of your clippings in the dry
  • Strong lawns are fertilised just enough
  • Choosing the right turf can save you up to 13 Sundays a year
  • Let the rain do the heavy lifting and turn your irrigation off when it's wet

Don't be dominated by your grass. Show some brawn and tame your lawn!

Lawn Training Cheat Sheets

Download the Lawn Species Fact SheetDownload the Lawn Species Fact Sheet (PDF, 910.4 KB)

Download the Mowing Fact Sheet

Download the Mowing Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Download the Irrigation and Leaks Fact SheetDownload the Irrigation and Leaks Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.5 MB)Download the Fertiliser Fact SheetDownload the Fertiliser Fact Sheet (PDF, 673.7 KB)
Download the Watering Fact SheetDownload the Watering Fact Sheet (PDF, 1.0 MB)Download the Soil Fact SheetDownload the Soils Fact Sheet (PDF, 974.6 KB)