Cleveland Bay Recycled Water Treatment Facility

Investment$25 million
Jobs 30
Goal4. A sustainable destination that embraces and participates in the arts, sports and events and recreational activities.
Strategic PurposeReduce demand on potable water to support the development of green hydrogen production operations and attract and secure future industry and jobs for Townsville.

This project involves the design and construction of a Recycled Water Treatment Facility (RWTF) to recycle up to 15ML a day from a Townsville City Council wastewater treatment plant to supply non-potable water for municipal use and the emerging hydrogen energy production industry in Townsville.

The RWTF is proposed to be built at a site near Cleveland Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant and is planned to be operating by March 2023.

Project Overview

The Townsville Water Security Taskforce Final Report (2018) identified an opportunity to expand Townsville’s water availability by treating water from the Cleveland Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant. The report stated that this would produce “…economically viable non-potable water to irrigate parks, golf courses, James Cook University, the new North Queensland Stadium and large industrial users.

In May 2019 the Queensland Government released the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy, which has a vision for Queensland to be “…at the forefront of renewable hydrogen production in Australia, supplying an established domestic market and export partners with a safe, sustainable and reliable supply of hydrogen.

Council has been contacted by several parties interested in securing recycled water for hydrogen production. A new focus for Council’s Recycled Water Project is to develop a RWTF and supporting pipeline infrastructure to support hydrogen production operations and attract and secure future industry and jobs for Townsville.

Council will manage the delivery of the project with the staged capacity to produce up to 15ML/day of water for industrial and irrigation users at the Cleveland Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Industrial demand is anticipated to increase over the next 3-5 years. Recycled water produced during the early years of operation will supplement potable water usage for community irrigation requirements.

An estimated $25M project budget over the next two years has been allocated, with works planned to start to commence in mid-2022 once detailed design is complete. The new RWTF is planned to be operating by April 2023.