Floodplain Management Strategy

Council is developing the Townsville Floodplain Management Strategy to build community resilience to flooding by guiding future infrastructure investment, land use planning, development controls, emergency management and community programs. Key steps in developing the strategy are:

  • reviewing and understanding of Townsville's flood hazard;
  • identifying options for managing Townsville's flood risk;
  • evaluating options for managing Townsville's flood risk;
  • shaping council's response to flood and storm tide emergencies.

Council recognises that flood hazard is a risk for the community as a whole and it is appropriate that the community guide the strategy to ensure community needs are addressed. Community engagement during the course of the project will be used to guide the development of the strategy.

Towards a Flood Resilient Townsville

Towards a Flood Resilient Townsville outlines council's strategy for management of the Townsville floodplain. Our greatest challenges rest with the older portions of Townsville constructed prior to modern planning and engineering standards. Towards a Flood Resilient Townsville recognises that managing flooding requires a coordinated approach between government, industry and the community. Together we can ensure the resilience of Townsville to future flood events.

Queensland Government logoThe Townsville Floodplain Management Strategy is a joint initiative of Townsville City Council and the Queensland Government.