How Can I Help

Your first step should be to check in with your neighbours and try to assist them where you can.

If you have already checked in with your neighbours and still wish to help with the disaster recovery, there are several organisations you may contact to offer further assistance.


  • GIVIT - GIVIT is a national not-for-profit organisation connecting those who have with those who need, in a private and safe way. GIVIT matches donation offers with identified requests from a storm, fire, flood or cyclone affected region, thereby eliminating the need for organisations to store and sort unexpected donations.


  • Australian Red Cross – Australian Red Cross is a leading humanitarian aid and community service organisation, which is committed to supporting and empowering people and communities in times of vulnerability.
  • Lions Club – Lions Australia is a volunteer organisation that contributes to disaster and emergency relief, medical research and community service.
  • Rotary Club - Rotary is a worldwide organisation of business and professional leaders. This global network of volunteer leaders is dedicated to tackling the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges across six (6) areas:
    • promoting peace, preventing diseases,
    • providing access to clean water and sanitation,
    • enhancing maternal and child health,
    • improving basic education and literacy; and,
    • helping communities develop.
  • Rural Fire Service – The Rural Fire Service (RFS) is a state-run volunteer organisation designed to help the Queensland community by undertaking fire prevention activities, responding to the outbreak of fires within the local community and assisting in times of disaster.
  • State Emergency Service – The State Emergency Service (SES) is a state-run volunteer organisation designed to help the Queensland community in times of emergencies and disasters. Residents who wish to join the local SES Unit should contact the Townsville SES Local Controller on 4722 0000.
  • Team Rubicon Australia - Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) unites the skills and experiences of Australian Defence Force veterans, first responders and civilians to rapidly deploy emergency response teams around the globe.