Black Weir

Black Weir boating permits

Due to high demand, all water ski vessels require a permit to operate on Black Weir. General boating and fishing vessels do not require a permit. The system allows you to book up to seven days in advance.

Temporary Waterway Barrier Notification

Temporary waterway barriers (or booms) have been inserted into Black Weir to assist with current weed management, including weed harvesting. One is located within the 6 knot zone between Zone’s A and B (adjacent to the Vickers Bridge), the other located in the 6 knot zone at the Zone C/D junction (approx. 100m upstream of the Loam Island Community Facility).

It is safe for motorised vessels to travel over these barriers (at the 6 knot speed limit through each zone), however there will also be a slip zone at one end to transverse through if required.

Booking a permit

Each permit is valid for one hour and users are able to book up to three hours (permits) in one day.

Important Changes to Recreational Use – Black Weir

At the direction of Maritime Safety Queensland, under Marine Safety Notice:

  1. Zone C (6 knot area) has been extended downstream, reducing the 40 knot section of water (Zone B). Permitted Water Ski Vessels at any time within Zone B has been reduced to three.
  2. A person (an operator) must not operate a ship towing an uncontrolled water-skiing device, including but not limited to, a toboggan, tube or sea-biscuit. Applies to all zones within Black Weir.

Please see the attached Marine Notice for more information.

For more detailed information about Restricted areas and Speed limits please visit the relevant Maritime Safety Queensland web pages.

Aquatic Events that require Loam Island boat ramp closure

EventDateTime Restricted Zone
Schools Team Time TrialsSaturday 21 July6am - 10amAll zones
All Schools Regatta 4Sunday 22 July6am - 6pmAll zones
NQ Schools ChampionshipsSaturday 4 & Sunday 5 August6am - 6pmAll zones
Head of the River RegattaSunday 19 August6am - 6pmAll zones
NQ Club PremiershipSaturday 29 & Sunday 30 September6am - 6pmAll zones

Aquatic Events that allow vessel access to other zones

EventDatesTime Restricted Zone/s
Variety Charity Jet SkiThursday 7 June9am - 1pmZone B
NQ Person Watercraft EventSunday 10 June9am - 3pmZone A
NQ Dragon Boat RegattaSunday 10 June6am - 1pmZone C
Townsville Grammar CampThursday 12, Friday 13 & Saturday 14 July5am - 3pm (Thursday & Friday)
5am - 9am (Saturday) 
Zone B and C
Ryan College State Champs TrainingSunday 3 September5am - 5pmZone B and C
Townsville Ski Club EventSaturday 8 & Sunday 9 September6am - 6pmZone C and D
NQ Person Watercraft EventSunday 9 September9am - 3pmZone A
NQ Dragon Boat RegattaSunday 14 October6am - 1pmZone C
Townsville Ski Club EventSaturday 10 & Sunday 11 November6am - 6pmZone C and D
NQ Person Watercraft EventSunday 25 November9am - 3pmZone A

Water craft use on Black Weir

  • Freestyle jet skiing is not permitted on Black Weir, in accordance with Queensland Maritime Regulations.
  • Jet skis may be used for water skiing under general water skiing conditions.
  • During rowing club regattas all vessels must give way to rowers and must comply with a six knot/no wake limit while traversing the rowing course. Permits will not be issued for watersking in the Loam Island Circuit during rowing regattas.
  • Council regulatory officers will issue infringement notices to watercraft operators who breach local laws, particularly in relation to excessive vessel noise, negligent use of vessels and operators who do not hold a valid permit.

Operating hours for motorised water sports

  • Motorised Water Sports on Black Weir are allowed at specified times only.
  • Hourly permits are available daily between 9am to 6pm. Users are allowed a maximum of 3 permits per day.

Vessel numbers are limited for the safety of all river users.

Any person not intending to use a booking must complete an online cancellation. Failure to cancel an unused booking online may result in a one month ban on the person/vessel involved.

For more information, please phone our Customer Service Centre on 13 48 10.