What goes in your Bins

What goes in your bins

Despite our residents being avid recyclers, research suggests that our waste bins are full of recyclables that are unfortunately being sent to landfill – in fact, 3000 garbage trucks each year.

Use the drop down options below to see what can go in your red lid general waste bin, what can go in your yellow lid recycle bin, or for a quick reference, download the A-Z Guide to Waste and Recycling below to find out where else you can dispose of your waste items.

Visit our Recycle Right page for more information on recycling.

What to do with plastic bags

Recyclable items must be put in the recycling bin loose. Do not put them into plastic bags. If you put bottles, cans and other recyclables into plastic bags when you put them into the bin they cannot be recycled.

Used plastic bags can be:

  • Reused for your grocery shopping or as a lunch bag
  • Recycled at many supermarkets — just look for the specially marked bins
  • Reused as bin liners for your household waste
  • Disposed of in the general waste bin.

Recycle right at home

  • Make sure you know what you can and can’t recycle.
  • Always separate your garbage from your recycling.
  • Store your recyclables in a box or container until you are ready to visit the recycling bin.
  • Never put your recycling into the waste bin.
  • Recyclable items must be placed into the recycling bin loose – don’t use plastic bags.

Free recycling resources

Recycle Right fridge magnets and bin stickers are available for FREE from any of our Customer Service Centres or CityLibraries.

Download our comprehensive guide to recycling around the home and garden (PDF 3MB)

Your options for reusing and recycling

Just because something can't go into your recycling or waste bin doesn't mean it has to end up in landfill. Many items can be recycled through other means or even sold or donated if they're in good condition. Find out what you can take to our transfer stations for free here.

For chemical and oil spill disposal contact Transpacific (NQ Resource Recovery, located in the Bohle.

Head to your local charity store to re-home unwanted clothes, toys and household furniture. These items can be donated to op shops, men's or women's shelters, the RSPCA or church organisations.

If donating bulky items, like furniture, call before dropping off to make sure the charity has the capacity to accept the item/s. Some can even pick up donations from your home.