Art Acquisition Working Group


The Art Acquisition Working Group advise the appropriate Committee of Council in respect of the acquisition of artworks for inclusion in the City of Townsville Art Collection, including both the internal collection, and the City of Townsville Art In Public Spaces Collection (public art).

The City of Townsville Art Collection is amongst the most significant regional art collections in the country, number well in excess of 3,000 artworks in all media, and featuring many works by acclaimed local, national, and international artists. The means of acquisition into the City of Townsville Art Collection are varied, and include purchases, commissions, donations, and gifts made through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.

The City of Townsville Art Collection offers particularly compelling views, narratives and ideas of life in ‘the Tropics’, whilst revealing the individuals and forces which have shaped Townsville’s long and colourful history.


Townsville City Council will be seeking representatives in early 2021 from the public who have knowledge and/or experience in the visual arts/collections, and a passion for the development of Townsville’s arts and cultural sector through the continued growth of the City of Townsville Art Collection.

Members will be appointed for four year terms.

Membership is voluntary.