Street Art Working Group


The Street Art Activation Working Group advise the appropriate Committee of Council in respect of street art initiatives in Townsville. The recommendations are informed by outcomes set within the Street Art Activation Framework.

The purpose of this Street Art Activation Framework, endorsed by Townsville City Council, is to provide a breakdown of objectives, opportunities and management strategies for street art activity to occur in Townsville, and outline a clear and thoroughly considered path forward to enable Townsville to become a leader in this field in terms of regional Australian centres.

The Framework sets clear definitions of legal street art, by which the development of street art in Townsville will be undertaken, as well as providing tools for street artists and property owners.


Townsville City Council will be seeking representatives in early 2021 from the public, including artists, law enforcement personnel, community organisations and institutions who have knowledge and/or experience in street art/ public art, community and youth engagement, and/or business, with a passion for the development of Townsville’s arts and cultural sector through the enhancement of our public spaces through the activation of street art.

Members will be appointed for four year terms.

Membership is voluntary.