Park Boulder Barriers

Investment2022/23 - $2 million
2023/24 - $2 million
Goal4.1.1 Development of quality places where people want to live, work, play and learn
Strategic PurposeTo protect the public and parkland from vehicles damaging the land and posing a safety risk to residents.
Status Underway

In 2022 Council took to anti-hooning measures by rolling out across Townsville parks and open spaces basalt boulder barriers in the following parks:

  • Heatley Park
  • Charles Moroney Park
  • Illich Park
  • Warrina Park
  • High Vista Park
  • Peggy Banfield
  • Renecol Park
  • Melrose Park
  • Western Lions Park
  • Gill Park.

The boulder barriers are designed to reduce damage to parks and reduce the risk of residents becoming seriously injured.

After the success of this program in 2022, a further $2 million has been allocated in the 2023/24 budget to continue Council's innovative program to protect parks and sporting fields across the city.

Additional barriers are scheduled to be installed at the following open spaces:

  • Aitkenvale Park
  • Burt Street Sports Field
  • Cutheringa Park
  • Lakeside Park
  • Riverway Sports Field
  • Victoria Park Sports Field
  • Wulguru Park Sports Field
  • Greenwood Park Sports Field
  • Toomulla Camping Area

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