Visiting Riverway

Swim in the lagoons, walk the shaded boardwalk and pathways along the river, enjoy Pinnacles Gallery, visit Citylibraries Riverway, have a coffee at the café, or cook a meal on the gas barbecues provided. Riverway is a place for everyone to relax, enjoy, and learn.

Explore what you can do at the Riverway Precinct.

Things To Do

Access and Parking

Riverway is accessible from Riverway Drive, by turning into Village Boulevard at the traffic lights (the intersection of Riverway Drive, High Range Drive and Village Boulevard).

Car parking is available on site, with over 400 parks available for public use. During special events, additional car parking is opened to accommodate the large volume of patrons.

Translink runs regular services along Riverway Drive and Ross River Road, and bus pickup is also available from Willows Shopping Centre.

Taxis are available on demand and there is a designated taxi area and drop off/pick up point at the end of Village Boulevard.

Rules, Security and Restrictions

Many safety measures including lighting, stable pathways, closed-circuit television cameras and on-ground security are in place at Riverway. We also have rules to ensure everyone can enjoy their time.

Lifeguards patrol the Riverway Lagoons and their hours are clearly marked on lagoon signage. As with any swimming facility, parental supervision is extremely important around the lagoon and river’s edge.