Biosecurity Plan

Castle Hill

Council is conducting Wild Dog/Pest Management works as part of Council’s Biosecurity Program.

The Wild Dog/Pest Management works will be contained to the Triandra Track, Castle Hill. Works require the complete closure to the Triandra Track. The track will be fenced with appropriate closure information signage installed on-site for community awareness.

To ensure the safety of the community the Triandra Track closure will be enforced 24 hours per day throughout these works.

The Pest Management including the Triandra Track temporary closure works are scheduled to commence Monday, 17 May 2021 and are expected to take twelve days to complete with the track reopening to the community Tuesday, 29 May 2021.

Townsville residents enjoy a great lifestyle supported by our natural environment. Feral animals and pest plants are non-native species that can affect our lifestyle and cause environmental and economic harm.

The Townsville Biosecurity Plan drives local action to reduce the impacts of these pests while also taking measures to contain established pests in Townsville.