Declared Pest Plants & Animals



  • 5 May 2021 - Pest Management action to control Feral Pigs in place at Saunders Beach.


  • Wild dog activity reported Monday 12 April at Pallarenda Conservation Park. Please do not walk pets at Pallarenda beach access 17 – 20.


  • Multiple reports in April of wild dog activity on Castle Hill. Please be careful.

The Townsville Biosecurity Plan outlines Council's strategies for preventing the introduction, eradicating and containing restricted pest plants and animals in Townsville.

Notifying council about pests

Have you discovered a new weed or a new infestation of an existing weed? Seen a pest animal that you haven't noticed in Townsville before?

If so, complete our Pest Notification form, once returned to council either by email or in person at 103 Walker Street we will follow up on your sighting.

Further Information

Information on other pest plant and pest animal activities in which council is involved, visit State of the Environment or Biosecurity Queensland.