Haughton Pipeline Duplication

As the population of Townsville continues to grow so to does the demand for water. Townsville’s main source of water is the Ross River Dam (supplemented by Paluma Dam).

As a backup to the Ross River Dam, the Haughton Pipeline provides a bulk raw water supply link to the Burdekin Haughton Water Supply Scheme.

This pipeline is capable of pumping raw water into the Ross River Dam to augment or “top up” water levels during periods of very low rainfall.

Within the next five to 10 years, the demand for water will outstrip the capacity of the existing pipeline to top up the dam so a duplicate is needed.

About the new pipeline

Council is funding the design phase of the project of up to $2.75m. We have begun the design phase which is set to be completed by June 2016. This is a long-term project.
Construction is currently identified to commence in 2019 although this timeframe is under review and may change due to climatic conditions or funding availability. Construction is likely to take up to three years.

Download the Haughton Pipeline Duplication Masterplan (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Where will it be built and what is the design process?

Planning suggests that the alignment of the planned Haughton Pipeline Duplication will more or less follow the existing pipeline, largely within the existing council easements or the Powerlink easement from the Haughton Channel to the head of Ross River Dam.

Considering the alignment of the existing pipeline is within the easements and road reserves, the new pipeline will generally be  (within a few metres) to the west of the existing pipeline.  Both pipelines will remain underground with only maintenance infrastructure visible.

Design has commenced with an initial environmental and cultural heritage assessment completed in September 2015. GHD has been appointed as the design consultant. Design is expected to be completed by mid-2016.

Will the community be kept informed during the design process?

The best project outcomes are created when council and the community work together. We will provide a range of contact links to the project team so you can make suggestions or ask questions, we will send out regular project updates, and we will make proactive contact with directly affected landowners and stakeholders.

Project Update #1 - October 2015 (PDF, 396.0 KB)

Project Update #2 - May 2016 (PDF, 152.5 KB)

Will the team need access to properties?

Yes, the team will need to access properties where the pipeline easement is located.  Well before any visits onto private property, the team will contact property owners and tenants to seek permission.  If the team needs to access any other properties for any reason, we will make contact with relevant owners to discuss the process and secure permission.

Will the new pipeline have take-off points to local properties like the existing pipeline?

The new pipeline will be much larger (likely to be up to 1290mm in diameter) and operate at a much higher pressure so it will not be possible to have private take-offs.

The existing pipeline is managed by council’s Townsville Water group and responsibility for access is shared between them and SunWater (owners of the water until it arrives in the Ross River Dam).

Any queries relating to water access should be directed to Townsville Water directly via enquiries@townsville.qld.gov.au

It is important to remember that the primary function of both pipelines is to provide raw water (not treated for human consumption) to Ross River Dam in times of low supply and this takes precedence over all other activities.

Who is funding the project?

Council is funding the design phase of the project up to $2m. Funding from other levels of government may be sought for construction.