Haughton Pipeline Project

Stage 2 Haughton Pipeline Industry Briefing

Townsville City Council held an Industry Briefing for Stage 2 of the Haughton Pipeline project on Friday August 21, 2020.

The two presentations are listed below for viewing.

Project Overview

Stage 2 of the Haughton pipeline project is proceeding with tender processes underway that will see the existing pipeline extended from the Haughton River to the Burdekin River near Clare.

Funded by a $195M contribution from the Queensland Government, the stage 2 work will involve construction around 33 kilometres of pipe as well as the construction of a new pump station and high voltage power supply infrastructure.

The Haughton pipeline project (HPP) involves constructing a new, larger water pipeline to source water from the Burdekin River to the Ross River Dam.

A Queensland Government funded water security initiative for Townsville, the pipeline will back up the city’s Ross River Dam water catchment. When complete, the HPP will provide greater capacity to provide raw water into the Ross River Dam to augment or “top up” water levels during periods of very low rainfall.

Construction of stage 1 of the 36.5km, 1.8m-diameter Stage 1 pipeline is in its final commissioning stage.

$100M of the stage 1 project budget has been spent locally, with around 200 businesses involved and 1,000 people inducted to work onsite.

In February 2020, Stage 1.1 works are underway to extend the pipeline a further 330 metres across the Haughton River and are expected to be complete by December 2020.

Preparatory works to install approximately 3.8km of pipeline to connect from the Haughton River crossing to Stage 2 will also commence this year.

Stage 1 of the pipeline was funded by the Queensland Government, which provided $225 million to Townsville City Council to improve water security in Townsville – including $10 million for water education programs.

The Queensland Government has contributed $225 million to improve water security in Townsville.


As part of Council’s commitment to maximising opportunities for local businesses to participate in the project, between November 2017 and May 2018, three community consultation sessions were held to engage local contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers and encourage engagement with the 3-point water security solution.

Any queries relating to water access should be directed to Townsville Water directly via enquiries@townsville.qld.gov.au