Previous Percivals

The Percivals is North Queensland’s own biennial portrait competition.

Having begun in 2007, The Percivals is an open competition for artists. While showcasing the outstanding and innovative work being produced by Australian artists, the competition has also given many emerging artists, Australia-wide and internationally, an opportunity to engage with portraiture and share their expressions of themselves and those close to them.

The Percivals 2018Cover of The Percivals 2018 Catalogue

In 2018,Townsville City Galleries received more than 370 entries for the painting and photographic prizes, offering us snapshots from all walks of live.  Every portrait tells a different story - whether it's about the personal triumph of our everyday heroes, or a rare glimpse at that makes our idols tick.

Image: The Percivals 2018 Catalogue
Left: Anne-Marie Zanetti, The Taste of a Memory [detail] 2018, oil on canvas, 76 x 60 cm
Right: Matthew Gianoulis, Galaxy of Stars [detail] 2018, digital archival print, 178.5 x 127.5 cm

The Percivals 2016Cover of The Percivals 2016 Catalogue

Townsville's sustained interest in portraiture is reflective of the genre's enduring popularity around the world. A portrait provides us with not only a physical likeness but also a window in the sitter's life, into their mind and their soul.  The voyeur in each of us delights at the opportunity to peek through these windows time and again.

Image: The Percivals 2016 Catalogue
Left: Brett Canet-Gibson, The Life of Riley [detail] 2014, digital photographic print, 90 x 60 cm
Right: Tessa McOnie, Untitled [detail] 2016, oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm

The Percivals 2014Cover of The Percivals 2014 Catalogue

Consistently evolving, The Percivals has now become one of the nation's richest portrait prizes.  To meet this billing, the exhibition has further evolved in a number of significant ways in 2014; among them the pre-selection of works by a panel of industry figures, and the production of this beautiful catalogue of selected works.

Image: The Percivals 2014 Catalogue
Left: Joshua Miels, The Perfectionist [detail], oil on canvas, 160 x 130 cm
Right: Roderick McNicol, The Late Blossoming of Jack Charles [detail], archival digital print, 80 x 65 cm