The Percivals 2020

In 2020, participating artists presented varied styles and approaches to the contemporary portrait - from abstracted images and conceptualism, to smooth realism and the energetic aura of thick, impasto oils executed with a broad brush and palette knife. These portraits told the unique story of every sitter, illuminating their aspirations and allowing us to gain an insight into their lives.

The Percivals virtual tour

  • Use the tool in the bottom right corner to see different views of the gallery or move between floors.
  • The artwork labels may take some time to load. Try moving off and back onto the circle a couple of times. The artwork labels can also be found linked below the virtual tour.
  • Zoom in and out using your mouse or finger controls.


Winners of The Percivals 2020

Watch The Percivals 2020 Winners Announcement YouTube video

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The Percivals 2020 Painting Winner Artist Talk

The Percivals 2020 Photographic Portrait Winner Artist Talk

The Percivals 2020 Animal Portrait Winner Artist Talk

People’s Choice Award

The 2020 Percivals People’s Choice award winners in the two categories are:

Behind the Scenes

Townsville City Galleries were working hard behind the scenes to deliver you an amazingly curated exhibition.

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