Townsville City Bus Hub

Project snapshot

Concept plans for the Townsville City Bus Hub have been developed and will inform the detailed design process. Tenders have been called to finalise the site design. A selection of concept plan images are included below.

When complete, the Townsville City Bus Hub will provide a safe central transport node and active areas in Ogden Street and the adjoining area.

A tender for the demolition of the hardware store in Ogden Street, which is necessary to create a road loop linking Ogden and Hanran Street for bus movement, is soon to be awarded by Council.

Detailed design tenders will be open for three weeks. A three to four month design and consultation process will follow.

Bus Hub - Ogden Street Perspective
Concept Plan - Ogden Street Perspective
Bus Hub - Pedestrian Footpath Perspective
Concept Plan - Pedestrian Footpath Perspective


Project Updates


Stakeholder and community engagement discussions and information sharing are underway with local businesses and residential complexes adjoining the proposed facility in Ogden Street and Hanran Street.

Further information sharing events for the community and business will be arranged in the upcoming months once the design consultant has been appointed.