Sustainable Destination

Townsville City Council has been working towards building and maintaining a Sustainable Destination, in line with Council’s Corporate Plan goal of creating a sustainable destination that embraces and participates in the arts, sports, events and recreational activities and maintaining Eco-Certified Sustainable Destination status. This supports Council’s vision of a globally connected community driven by lifestyle and nature and Council’s purpose – to grow Townsville.

Local initiatives are building:

  • tourism that benefits the environment and attracts visitors
  • experiences and interactions with visitors that contribute to restorative and regenerative practices across our region
  • building an interconnected web of business, community and industry participating in authentic sustainability
  • a shift in perspective of tourism as part of a greater “living system” in Townsville.

Our Journey so Far

The City continues to grow environmentally along with modern industries, information technology and sustainability initiatives. Council is working to amplify the opportunities available for nature-based, regenerative tourism experiences that integrate global best practices.

Learnscape Education and Interpretation

Ecodestination Framework

Cover of Shared Stories Connecting Diverse Landscapes

The Ecodestination Framework (EF) reflects the vision and goals of the Townsville City Council Corporate Plan and mission to grow Townsville. The EF has been developed to provide insight, support and opportunity for community, tourism and business for the local sustainable management, development and marketing of tourism across Townsville City and Surrounds. The EF promotes Ecodestination leadership in connection and support with regional tourism operators. It is a supportive framework that accommodates existing regional development and marketing campaigns and plans. Additionally, it provides a snapshot of the unique natural and social landscape of Townsville as well as existing and proposed sustainable management methods, ecotourism infrastructure and growing ecotourism opportunities and sustainable experiences.

A strong focus of Council is creating opportunities for community that are:

  • low cost
  • socially acceptable
  • and that grow Townsville.