Engineering Reports

Council has a range of engineering reports and studies that are available to the public, listed below. Plans and studies that are not linked can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 13 48 10 or email us.

Please Note: Some files are large and it is recommended that files be downloaded using a broadband connection to the Internet. Some files may be too large to download satisfactorily and may best be viewed in person.

Please Note: Some of these documents contain a large number of images and diagrams, and may be incompatible with interpretive software.

Water Demand Management

Geological Studies

  • 2004 Castle Hill Study
  • 2002 Black River Study

Storm Tide Studies

Stormwater Management

Regional Stormwater Quality Strategy

Sustainability Reports

  • 2010 Water Quality Improvement Plan

Stormwater Management

  • 1999 Urban Stormwater Management Study

Flood Studies