Works within the Council Footpath

Whether you're building a driveway on your property or looking to make your business more attractive by adding fairy lights to a nearby tree, you may require Council approval.

Driveways and other works in the road reserve

The road reserve is the public land outside your property boundary, including the footpath and nature strip. To ensure a reasonable level of safety for road users and pedestrians, protect existing infrastructure, and monitor design standards, you must get approval from Council for any works you undertake within the road reserve. This is a requirement of Subordinate Local Law 1.15 (Carrying out works on a road or interfering with a road or its operation) 2011.

To find out more about works in the road reserve, read the Driveways and other works in the road reserve information sheet.

Bud (fairy) lighting in Council trees

Council encourages business owners to consider installing bud lighting (fairy lights) in Council's street trees, adjacent to their business. Business owners can use this bud lighting application form and information sheet to apply to install bud lighting on nearby Council trees. Council does not charge an application fee or a fee for having your bud lights in Council trees.