Signage (Advertising Devices)

Council must regulate the use of signage in Townsville to ensure the safety and amenity of the surrounding area.

What is an advertising device?

An advertising device is a business or advertising sign. Advertising devices come in many sizes and designs, and may impact the surrounding area in which they are placed. To ensure the surrounding area is not adversely affected, the Townsville City Plan strictly regulates the use of advertising devices in Townsville.

Do I need approval before I put up my advertising device?

It depends on the type of sign, and the zoning of the property the advertising device is proposed to be placed on. To find out if you need approval, go to Table 5.8.2 Operational work being placing an advertising device on premises of the Townsville City Plan, where information on the level of assessment for different types of advertising devices is listed according to zone.

What sort of approval may I need?

You may have to lodge a development application for operational works for an advertising device with council for consideration under the Advertising devices code. The Advertising devices code ensures that:

  • the type, location and design of advertising devices do not diminish the character and amenity of the zone or precinct in which they are located
  • development avoids a visually cluttered and confusing proliferation of advertising devices
  • advertising devices do not create a hazard to people or property, in particular pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic.

For more information, including the different types of devices, view the Advertising Devices Code in the Townsville City Plan.

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