Plumbing and Drainage

What plumbing or drainage work requires council approval?

All plumbing work in Queensland is regulated by state government legislative requirements and is categorized as:

  • Regulated work
  • Notifiable work
  • Minor work
  • Unregulated work

Only regulated work is approved by council. Information on regulated work, as well as some helpful information is listed below. Further information on plumbing and drainage can also be found in our Plumbing and Drainage FAQs.

Services council provide

As well as assessment and inspection of regulated plumbing and drainage work, the Hydraulic and Building Services Unit at council also:

  • Conduct physical inspections (report provided) of the condition of plumbing and drainage located at premises (pre-sale inspections)
  • Searches of council's electronic records of plumbing and drainage installations within a property
  • Supply a consultancy service for plumbing and drainage related issues.

These services are provided at a competitive price. For more information on fees refer to the Planning and Development schedule of fees and charges.

As constructed drainage plans

Council can also supply existing "as constructed drainage plans" and "all services plans" of council assets. To request an as constructed drainage plan, please complete this online form. For more information, read our As Constructed Drainage Plans information sheet, or contact council.

Plumbing and drainage information and resources

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Dial before you dig is a free referral service for information on underground pipes and cables anywhere in Australia. Using Dial before you Dig can prevent damage, disruption, injury, and even death.